Illuminating Success, Empowering Growth.
We are certified NLP Master Life Coach, Time Line Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist. We offers a customized approach to each client. Our aim is to empower the client, providing a holistic approach to therapy.


At Apricus we offer a unique range of therapeutic and healing services to be able to effectively work through issues and bring about permanent, long-lasting changes. These reflect as holistic shift on all levels in thoughts, emotions, energy and body.

NLP Coaching

Helps you in taking charge of your emotions so they lift you up to a better version of yourself.

Time Line Therapy®

An effective mechanism of relieving yourself of the negative emotions linked to your past.

Strategic Psychotherapy

A holistic approach that helps you shift the focus from the past to the present.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Helps you focus completely on the problem and gain a sense of unbound awareness to arrive at a solution.

mBIT Coaching

mBIT coaching is a set of coaching techniques for tapping into the intelligence of the heart, head, and gut.

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Helping you with

Our effective life transforming programs are a combination of private one-to-one sessions which aim at reaching specific goals for the mind and body. Let Us help you take charge of your life.

Self Empowerment


Limiting Belief

Goal Setting

Corporate Workshops

The training workshops aiming to enhance communication skills and foster understanding among participants .The trainings providing participants with tools to achieve better results through effective interpersonal communication. The program also focuses on different models of community engagement, enabling participants to become more skilled communicators. By promoting awareness of individual differences and teaching strategies for working with diversity, creating programs to equips participants to build rapport successfully.


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